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The LINKED trilogy is comprised of Linked, Ripples of Mind and Echoes of Innocence.

Linked is book one, where Tommy finds Snowy for the first time and is chosen for a companion, bonding both cat and boy, sharing abilities and vision that leads them both on a journey of friendship, discovery and secrets.

Readers will be drawn in on the very first page, and the book will be hard to put down after that. Linked is an amazing sci-fi / action / adventure that will keep readers wanting more.


It’s not just a story of a boy and a pet. It’s about being bullied and needing a friend. It’s about abused animals and those older kids that aren’t from your neighborhood but they show up in your front yard anyway. It’s about a mother who lost her husband and is surrounded by friends and some of them keep pushing her to get out there and replace her husband. And she feels he can’t be replaced so she’s stuck and what do you do with that? You do the best you can with the cards you’ve been dealt.

Richarddevall - Vine Voice