As time permits, I will venture out into the world.  Sometimes it will be in a social setting and other times it will be away from the beaten path towards the mountains and trails few explore.  Wherever I go, I hope to see you there.


Comic Con

I've been to Comic Con several years and will return again someday.  Feel free to say Hi.


1000 Lights

I attended the 1000 lights celebration recently.  It was an amazing sight.  If you get the chance to partake, I recommend it.  We all have lights we wish to send on their way in this world and the chance to do so is a great honor.


Valley of Fire

I've gone to the Valley of Fire more than once and am amazed at the sights each time.  I look forward to discovering more places that are as historic and as majestic.



Book Events

I attended several book events over the years.  Someday, I look forward to providing more for those I encounter.  Until then...


Renaissance Fair

I've attended many events.  The Ren-Fair is one of the more memorable.  The nostalgia, costumes and enjoyment is always worth going