The LINKED trilogy begins with Tommy discovering a kitten who has escaped a tragic end.  They bond immediately and Tommy discovers the gifts shared by his new pet draw them closer, revealing the world around them. Neither realize they have drawn the attention of a relentless killer, intent on possessing both cat and boy. 

As the series continues, Tommy and Snowy learn from one another, endure struggles and discover the true meaning of life, family and sacrifice.


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A murderer on the hunt. A boy searching for a connection. A dark road chosen…


Tommy Harris desperately needs a friend. Still struggling to cope with the loss of his father, the traumatized eight-year-old has retreated into a shell. But when he finds a lost kitten, they are both connected … plunged into the deadly path of a killer.


Discovering he can now see images of people’s thoughts, Tommy is overjoyed by the unique gift his new kitten, Snowy, has given him … unaware of the dark killer coming for them.


Has an innocent kid unwittingly drawn the gaze of a demented madman?


Linked is the suspenseful first book in this urban fantasy series. If you like tense thrills, touching relationships, and looking deep into life’s shadows, then you’ll love Alex G Zarate’s mystical coming-of-age story.


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A gift turns into a curse. Drowning in the horror of his abilities. Can one overwhelmed child save his classmates from a hidden killer?


Tommy Harris is in turmoil. Although his new abilities to view thoughts and teleport were exciting two years ago, now they’ve become source of ongoing panic. When the nightmare figure from his last horrifying adventure return, the shaken ten-year-old struggles to suppress his growing powers so as to avoid the murderous specter.


Ignoring his magical cat’s urging to reach out to those in need of help, Tommy discovers his dead father’s good luck charm can block the traumatic visions. But hiding away while a weaker boy is bullied creates a whirlpool of events that put everyone he cares about in danger.


Will the link to his lost father give him the courage to confront another killer?


Ripples Of Mind is the emotionally charged second book in the Linked urban fantasy series. If you like supernatural suspense, complex twists, and stories of overcoming trauma, then you’ll love Alex G Zarate’s unique thriller.


Buy Ripples Of Mind and stand against the darkness today!


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ASIN: 1470125307

When a home invasion takes the life of a beloved neighbor, will his pursuit of justice bring him peace… or add to the tragedy?


Tommy Harris is seething with anger. At only twelve years old, he’s seen more than his fair share of violence, evil, and death. So when he’s awoken by gunshots and discovers his neighbor has been killed, he rejects his calling to use his magical powers for good and becomes hellbent on revenge.


Frustrated by his guardian cat’s insistence that they adhere to their sacred rules, Tommy instead directs his fury at school, defending a friend and taking on a school bully. And after their bloody fight puts the other boy in the hospital, Tommy begins to fear he’s losing the last scraps of his childhood.


Is Tommy doomed to become one of the monsters that haunt his dreams?


Echoes of Innocence is the dramatic third book in the Linked urban fantasy series. If you like conflicted heroes, shocking crimes, and intricate character development, then you’ll love Alex G Zarate’s chilling page-turner.

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The LINKED trilogy is a supernatural fantasy series filled with danger, struggles and the connections we all find in out lives, be they family, friends, co-workers or strangers.


The worlds that are brought together are diverse and make each story a collection while each standing apart as a story of discovery, adventure and personal revelations.


I hope you enjoy this series and look forward to providing the next one in the coming years.

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