ZARATE ZEN - CAPTURED IMAGES FROM MY LIFE TO YOURS is the first nonfiction book I have published. 

For many years, I have been posting my photographs and positive words online across different platforms and have repeatedly been asked to assemble them for publication. I finally had the opportunity to do so and have the final book available as of September 2021.


This was a labor of love and I am grateful to everyone who encouraged me to collect my favorite images and words so as to share with the world. I never thought my photography and writing would converge in any way until this was made possible. It was an incredible journey and I look forward to my next adventure.


Onwards! +

ZARATE ZEN - Captured Images From My Life To Yours


Do you enjoy nature photography? Are you looking for hopeful and positive words? Then this is the perfect book for you!


Zarate Zen - Captured Images From My Life To Yours is uniquely designed to provide you with encouraging words and truly remarkable images captured over the years.


Alex G Zarate has brilliantly crafted a superb book filled with beautiful images and positive words which will uplift you. He is a nature photographer who has been sharing his captured images for years.


Whether you’re interested in nature photography, a positive outlook of the world or know someone who is... this book is a perfect companion.

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