The CONNECTIONS trilogy begins a new path for Tommy when he learns that he is not alone in the world.  There are others out there with similar gifts and feline companions.  But the path is not easy and everyone has secrets, hidden darkness and lurking dangers. 

As the series continues, Tommy and Snowy must face the challenges of growing up and learn to embrace the rules set from the beginning. Where the first series was about childhood, this one is about leaving the past behind and entering adulthood. What must be learned as we grow and what shapes us into the people we become?  Tommy and Snowy will soon discover the answers for themselves.


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He wants her love. She seeks an escape. When a nightmare that may kill everyone around them begins to manifest, will their supernatural gifts keep them alive?


Tommy Harris longs to find a girlfriend. Chosen to receive enhanced sight and teleportation, the fourteen-year-old loner has devoted himself to mastering his abilities. Tired of carrying the burden by himself, he confides in his crush at summer camp… only to learn she also wields the same extraordinary powers.


Caroline Rains wants to run away from her recurring nightmare, knowing she isn’t ready to face the darkness. Tragically orphaned and shuffled through dark times in foster care, she’d do anything for a new life. And with her recurring nightmares only worsening, she resolves to make a run for it if she can.


Thrilled to have somebody who shares his secret, Tommy is dismayed when their trip comes to a premature close after the site becomes a crime scene. And with blood in the air and her darkest dreams slowly turning real, Caroline fears there’s no escape.


Can the haunted teenagers save a lost child, take down a vicious murderer and stop a nightmare from becoming real before more people die?


Connections In Crimson is the electric first book in the Connections urban fantasy series. If you like endearing characters, ominous settings, and spectacular suspense, then you’ll adore Alex G Zarate’s all-out adventure.


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When three desperate strangers come looking for help, they are met with immediate resistance. But a fourth is coming, eager to extinguish their light, and spill blood in the shadows.


Tommy Harris wants out. After losing the girl he loved, the boy with abilities bestowed by his cat is ready to cut out who’s left and disappear as soon as school is finished. But after three strangers with similar powers arrive looking for help, the tortured teenager comes face to face with someone far more tortured than himself. Someone determined to kill them all.


Battling a relentless killer with all-too-familiar powers, Tommy fears he won’t be enough to save the lives of his found family and closest friends.


Can Tommy defeat this terrifying familiar? Can he hold true to his highest rule to protect and defend life… and redeem himself?


Reflections In Darkness is the thrilling second book in the Connections urban fantasy series. If you like tormented characters, brave animal companions, and page-turning suspense, then you’ll love Alex G Zarate’s midnight mystery.


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Graduation day has arrived, but Tommy is aware of something coming.  A danger no one else can feel.  Before he can prepare, he and Snowy are separated, struggling to control their abilities as they are pulled further and further apart.  As they face challenges alone, every day that passes becomes more urgent, knowing they must reconnect before their separation takes a deadly toll.​

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The CONNECTIONS trilogy is a supernatural suspense series that takes our heroes from the memories of childhood to the struggles in becoming an adult.

Every book adds to the story, bringing Tommy and Snowy closer to their ultimate challenge, pulling them apart as they face a bigger world on the horizon.

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed writing it.  It's been an adventure and I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Feel free to send me messages, provide reviews or just visit me on social media and say Hi.  I can be found at and on social media under alexgzarate.


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