Linked is the first book I wrote in the Urban Fantasy Genre.  It is the tale of how Snowy came into Tommy's life, sharing his abilities and connections that allow Tommy to see thoughts and memories as well as teleport from place to place.

Ripples of Mind

Ripples of Mind continues the story of Tommy and Snowy two years after connecting.  Tommy's gifts are becoming a curse that must be controlled and Tommy is unable to block out the darkness around him or the memories of his past tormentor.

Echoes of Innocence

Echoes of Innocence is the conclusion to the Linked series.  While each book is a stand alone novel, this story closes Tommy's childhood as he faces a personal loss, separation from Snowy and seeks out the secrets of his Father's past.

Connections In Crimson

Connections In Crimson is the continuation of Tommy and Snowy's journey.  Tommy is now starting his journey as a teenager and is looking to connect with a girl he loves, unaware of the secrets being kept or the dangers approaching them both.

Reflections In Darkness

Reflections In Darkness reveals the fate of Snowy's family and the dangers being brought to Tommy and Snowy when one of their own turns to the dark impulses each has avoided over the years.